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Hello from Kristal Kira

Psychic, Crystal Ball Diviner, Fortune Teller, Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Advisor

Kristal Kira is a crystal ball gazer and a tarot card reader.

As a child, Kira and her friends experimented with a Ouija board. Later, she became fascinated with crystal balls and tarot cards. Kira owns a 100% pure quartz 200mm crystal ball which she uses for divination.

Kristal Kira is the most enjoyable psychic.

Fortune Telling With A Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is a crystal or glass ball device used for clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the power of discerning objects which are not present to the normal senses.

Kristal Kira is the most fun tarot card reader.

Fortune Telling With Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are pieces of paper with images drawn on one side. Tarot readers interpret the images. Tarot readings can provide information about what is known and what is unknown.

More About Kristal Kira

Great costumes make Kristal Kira sparkle. Expect an exciting presentation for your next party because Kristal Kira wears colorful Middle Eastern gypsy attire with fancy coin head dresses and beautiful skirts.


Fortune telling is wonderful entertainment for any occasion.

Kristal Kira is the  best tarot card reader in Los Angeles.

Fortune tellers are fun!

  1. Birthday parties
  2. Graduation parties
  3. High School reunions
  4. Halloween parties
  5. New Year's celebrations
  6. Christmas parties
  7. Weddings
  8. Office parties
  9. School shows
  10. Parades
  11. Corporate events
  12. Bridal showers
  13. Store promotions
  14. St. Patrick's Day parties
  15. Company picnics
  16. Bar/Bat mitzvahs
  17. Octoberfest festivals
  18. Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  19. Luaus
  20. Grand opening celebrations
  21. Baby showers
  22. Easter parties
  23. Independence Day celebrations
  24. Other special occasions


"She left us breathless!"

"I was amazed."

"Astonishing accuracy"

"Kristal Kira displays a unique blend of wisdom and psychic powers."

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Kristal Kira should be your next fortune teller!

Kristal Kira will enlighten your guests with her wisdom and guidance using her unique psychic powers.