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Kristal Kira Presents

Robin Wood Tarot: 4 of Swords

Four of Swords
This card shows a tomb effigy; a sleeping figure carved from white stone, with a sword carved into the side of the bier. But the statute is entwined with ivy and roses; yellow, white, pink, and red. Behind the figure, three scabbarded swords hang from an apple tree in bloom. Another tree stands in the distance. Father away yet is a wood. Overhead, a single white star burns in the violet sky of dusk.
Restful Private Place
The meaning of this card is rest, calm, peace, convalescence, seclusion, suspension of activity, meditation. A return to the basics. A well earned intermission. A period of repose. Solitude, retreat. The end of one phase of life, and the beginning of another. A still space to regroup before the battle continues. It does not mean physical death. It may also mean that the time of rest is over, and activity is about to begin, again, depending on where it falls in a reading.