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Kristal Kira Presents

Robin Wood Tarot: Temperance

Major Arcana 14: Temperance
This card shows a blonde man with golden wings juggling three balls. One of his feet is on land, and the other foot is in the water. Near him grows a clump of yellow irises. Behind him is a path between fields of bright green grass, leading through a fog bank to mountains in the distance. The sun is rising through a gap in those mountains.
This card means economy, moderation, and patience. Perhaps the Seeker is going to achieve security by clever juggling of his or her resources. Perhaps the Seeker will go through a time when resources must be juggled. It may also mean meditiation. The ability to move gracefully and easily through life, not beset with uncontrolled appetites and avariciousness that can a person off course. Everything in moderation.