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Kristal Kira Presents

Robin Wood Tarot: The Lovers

Major Arcana 06: The Lovers
This card shows a man and a woman walking with their arms about each other. She is holding a moon above her right hand. He is holding a sun above his left hand. A rainbow connects the two of them. Behind them, two trees grow as one, with the sun just breaking between them; an apple tree on her side, an oak tree on his side. Behind that are hills, rising to mountains. There is a home one her side, and plowed fields on his side. Two eagles fly behind her, and two butterflies behind him.
Love and Companionship
This card means love, respect, partnership, trust, communication, romance, beauty, honor, unity, perfect balance. It may mean a couple which has worked together to overcome trouble, or one that simply works well together. Or it may mean a perfect mating of two other principles to bring forth something which is larger than either of them alone.